3 Tips to Make Cleaning Your Wheels Easy

Wheel cleaning

When it comes to having clean wheels on a sweet ride, everyone loves how that looks. But what no one is crazy about is how difficult it can be to get wheels and calipers to that point. Just think about that new car feeling and seeing those well designed factory wheels looking PRIME and how they look just 6 months later! URGH! They already look beat up and as if they were 5 years old! This begs the question: How can you make wheels easier to clean and stay looking better for longer?

With these 3 tips I will show you how investing in purchasing the proper tools, being regular and taking advantage of the newest wheel coating technology will keep your wheels looking incredible for years to come while being substantially easier to clean.

1. Use ergonomic tools that give better access

For many, they are stuck using wheel cleaning tools that are decades old. Maybe they are using the old trusty wooden handled stiff bristle brush with the metal tip? -Throw it away! It’s CERTAIN to cause damage with that metal tip and overly stiff bristles!!

The latest wheel cleaning tools have protective rubber tips, a non-marring plastic or rubber construction, soft bristles and an incredible reach for getting to those lug recesses, in between the spokes, the wheel barrels and the calipers. These newer wheel cleaning tools allow for safely cleaning even the most difficult areas without too much of a strain on your body or giving you bloody knuckles.

Some wheel cleaning tools that will make life easier for you:

Wheel Woolies

Wheel Barrel Brush

Boar’s Hair Brush

Sonax Wheel Cleaner

2. Regular cleaning
No hidden tricks here! There is no substitute for regular maintenance for wheels, or really, any part of your car for that matter! The longer heavy dirt, brake dust and grime sits on your wheels, the more difficult they will be to clean. Regular cleaning means when you do clean the wheels, they are not as stubborn.

3. Have a Modesta coating applied to your wheels and calipers

Modesta BC-06 Wheel Coating Atlanta
The best protection possible for your wheels comes by having Modesta BC-06 installed to the surfaces. Wheels and caliper coated with Modesta BC-06 have a protective pure silica glass membrane that is heat resistant to 2,372 degrees Fahrenheit. Your wheels, when coated with Modesta BC-06 will reject superheated brake dust from etching the surface of the wheels and protect from them pitting.

Because Modesta BC-06 offers chemical resistance and creates a durable membrane, the wheels will reject surface contaminates which gives you an easier to clean surface. When coupled with proper cleaning, wheels coated with Modesta BC-06 will remain looking like new and be a breeze to keep clean for many years to come.

Detailed Designs Auto Spa is Atlanta’s source for Modesta coating systems. Detailed Designs Auto Spa’s wheel-off detail and Modesta coating service for wheels and calipers is the protection Atlanta’s fine automobiles deserve. To learn more about Detailed Designs Auto Spa’s wheel-off detail and coating service, CLICK HERE.

For owners not located near metro-Atlanta that are looking for a Modesta wheel or paint coating application, view Modesta’s authorized installer locator map, HERE.

Coated wheels are a breeze to keep clean:

With the right tools, regular maintenance and Modesta applied to your wheels you can finally have those wheels that stay looking like new while being easy to keep clean! Make sure to check in regularly for more protection and maintenance tips for your fine automobile!

Clear Bra Installation in Conyers, GA. at Detailed Designs Auto Spa

clear bra installation conyers covington GA

Conyers, GA., is a quaint little town of only about 15,000 people. It’s an unassuming Atlanta suburb that features a slower pace of life, wooded spaces and a lot of diesel trucks. But in this small rural town resides a boutique car care company with an international rapport that is making an impact on their industry. What company are we talking about? Detailed Designs Auto Spa! Detailed Designs Auto Spa is a boutique car care and protection company that has been in business since 2007 and in Conyers, GA. since 2013. They offer world class clear bra installation (also called Paint Protection Film Installation), Modesta paint coating systems, paint correction and fine automobile detailing services.

If you have a new car and wish to put an end to rock chips, pitting and scratches, give Detailed Designs Auto Spa in Conyers, GA. a call. After experiencing your consultation with our industry experts, you will know why they draw clients from all over the southeast for their clear bra installations, Modesta paint coatings, paint correction and car detailing services. They pride ourselves in every step of every process and it shows in the fit and finish.

DDAS offers Clear Guard Nano clear bra, Suntek clear bra, Xpel clear bra, Premium Shield clear bra, 3m clear bra as well as other lesser known films. At the end of the day though, it is the hands working on your car and the company standing behind the work that will dictate how satisfied you are with your clear bra installation.

All of Detailed Designs Auto Spa’s staff are Conyers and Covington locals. Detailed Designs Auto Spa is locally licensed, insured and certified. They’ve have traveled North America to become certified in the services offered and continually train year to year to ensure they offer the absolute best of the best. One search for us online and you will see that they have an international reputation for incredible quality and one of the most amazing experiences a client can receive.

To learn more about clear bra installation services by Detailed Designs Auto Spa in Conyers , GA. (serving Covington too! *wink*), give us a call or shoot us an email but first be sure to check out our website and blog **HERE**

Detailed Designs Auto Spa is located at 2161 Old Covington Hwy SW, STE. B Conyers, GA. 30012.

Detailed Designs Auto Spa is **by appointment only**.


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Modesta Paint Coatings Clear Bra Installation in Atlanta
For the craziest gloss and shine, have a Modesta paint coating installed by www.detaileddesignsautospa.com in Atlanta

Clear Bra Installation Atlanta www.detaileddesignsautospa.com