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What causes swirl marks and other defects in modern car paint?


What causes swirl marks on car paint? Really, what causes the most common forms of damage on car paint may be an even better question! Why? Even though swirl marks may be the most known example of car paint damage, it is not the only one to be concerned with.

Modern paint finishes on automobiles are made up of 3 parts of paint that when put over the substrate of the body makes up what we know as “car paint”. Modern paint finishes start with a primer that ensures a proper bond of the paint to the substrate. A layer called the base coat is put on top of the primer and it is the part that actually has the color/pigment that makes your car a certain color. Finally, a layer called the clear coat is put on top of the base coat. The clear coat is the thickest layer and is clear. It’s primary role is to protect the base coat. These are the 3 common layers of paint on modern paint finishes and there’s a very good chance this is how your car’s paint is made up.

Before we get too deep into the topic let’s learn a bit more about the intensity of paint damage in modern paint finishes.

Superficial damage to your paint would be damage that is only in the clear coat. It is superficial because it does not penetrate lower and your paint still has, for the most part, the protection it needs. Major damage would be damage that has penetrated below the clear coat (see paint cutaway image below). Superficial damage can be repaired to a great degree, if not to perfection. Major damage may not necessarily be repaired without bodywork or repainting of some manner.

The purpose of this piece is to educate you as to what causes the most common forms of damage to modern automotive paints, how they can be repaired and what can be done to protect your paint moving forward. Most of the concepts outlined actually are avoidable and with some measure of effort, you can keep your car’s paint looking incredible for many years to come.

paint protection film Modesta paint coatings Atlanta


Swirl marks, marring, holograms and other mechanical damage

This type of damage to car paint/clear coat is caused by a mechanical movement. Typically, it means an abrasive is placed on the body of the clear coat and mechanically driven across the surface with some measure of force. The result, no matter how big or small, is actually a scratch.

Improper Hand Washing

wash bucket

In this picture alone we can see a wash mitt that was on the ground. How anyone could use that mitt for anything but to weigh down the inside of a trash bag I don’t know. But the reality is that many shops use old and ratty wash mitts on car paint. Of those wash mitts, there are countless stories of mitts that fall on the ground being used on car paint and scratching it up. Poor car washing is not limited to gross neglect like this though.

Proper car care is using grit guards in wash buckets, clean wash media/mitts, quality body wash and more. My shop carries some of the best car care products available for retail purchase. But for those not local, feel free to use the following links to purchase quality detailing products:

Gentle Wash Mitt 

Car Wash Shampoo

Grit Guards (get 2)

P21S Total Auto Wash Degreaser

Professional Grade Electric Pressure Washer

Using Cheap or Dirty Towels to dry Your Paint

dirty towels

This really goes hand in hand with improper washing techniques. Using cheap microfiber towels can be harsh on paint due to their low GSM(Grams per Square Meter) count or lower quality material construction. The GSM identifies the weight of the towel, or how much fiber is within a square meter. Generally speaking, higher GSM microfiber towels are not inexpensive. But going with a plusher microfiber towel means you have more built in safety when using it against your fine paint.

Dirty towels have debris embedded in them and that debris being driven into and against your delicate clear coat can create substantial damage.

The edges of a towel can also affect the paint’s surface. A stitched edge can potentially have harsher thread that will mar paint. A silk edge is soft but also does not have a thick nap to capture debris. An edgeless(microfiber material all the way out to the edge) towel of quality construction is usually the best option.

Edgeless Towels 

Quality Drying Towels

Air Blower for Drying

Use of Automatic car Washes

automatic car wash

Automatic car washes are the scourge of good paint health. The automatic car washes with media that touches the car(brushes or strips of fabric) are harmful to your paint. They cause harsh scratches and marring. Touchless car washes are either too weak and do not thoroughly clean the surfaces or they use chemicals that are stronger than ideal to replace the need for a physical hand wash.

For the automatic car washes that have a rail system guiding your car through the bay. These can also cause extensive damage to wheel faces.

My opinion is to dodge automatic car washes like the plague. Too, be sure to tell your service advisor at the dealership you have your car serviced at that your car is to not be washed. Many dealerships provide this “service” at no cost and believe they are doing their clients a favor.

Improper use of Polishing Machines on Your Paint


The improper use of rotary machines on automotive paint will generate scratches, marring and an effect called “holograms” or “buffer trails”. Holograms are generally created when someone does not finish down a compound or polish product properly. The look of a hologram is caused by microscopic directional marring and is typically found in an arcing shape in which the operator moved their arms while pivoting in place.

There is no need to fear a skilled technician using a machine to correct your paint. There is however a reasonable fear of not having a skilled technician working on your car though.

Bird Droppings and Bug Guts


Many car owners are not aware quite how harmful these organic substances are to paint finishes. In the matter of seconds, if a bird makes a mess on your hot summer sun baked paint, it can instantly cause etching in the paint. The same can be said of ramming a bug while traveling down the road. The organic make up of bug guts and bird droppings can be very acidic and damaging to sensitive clear coat finishes.

The best route if you encounter these substances on your car is to safely remove them as quickly as possible.

Industrial Fallout, Pollution, Acid Rain

factory smoke

All three of these substances are closely tied together. Industrial pollution makes its way into the atmosphere where it then makes it way back down onto your paint in the rain. For car owners living in metropolitan areas, this is more of a concern due to the proximity to air pollution.

When the acid rain dries on your paint, reactive chemicals are left to dry on the outer edges of the water droplets. These concentrated rings of pollution are then able to more easily etch the clear coat of the paint leaving you with an outline of the acid rain drops.

Washing hot paint or allowing water to air dry after a car wash (high mineral content water issues)

Raindrop Rain Auto Black Shine Paint Run Off Wet

Washing hot paint tends to cause issues with chemical film drying on the surface. Think of using a shampoo or degreaser to clean a surface. If the surface is hot the water will dry prematurely leaving a chemical residue. If the chemical you are using is reactive with the clear coat it can bond with the paint or possibly cause spotting on different surfaces.

Allowing a car to air dry naturally after washing it is similar to the industrial fallout issues. Any minerals in the water will suck to the outside of the water drop and dry in place. This can cause either a mineral deposit which can be difficult to remove or it can cause etching of the clear coat.

Use of harsh chemicals


When we speak of harsh chemicals, what are we saying? We are talking about reactive chemicals. For instance. A chemical that has a very high pH(basic/alkaline) or a very low pH(acid) can be reactive with painted surfaces. Whether we are talking about your skin, eyes or the paint, reactive chemicals are bad. The use of chemicals not intended for automotive surfaces can cause major corrosive damage. Be sure to read the instructions on each product used on your car. Most products will have a maximum dwell time. Know the limits of the different products you use and always be sure to use the right product for the right surface.

Above Surface Defects

Overspray bonding


Overspray is the result of atomized chemicals misting/dusting onto the paint(and other surfaces), solidifying and then becoming a bonded substance. Sometimes overspray can be dissolved with the right chemical and sometimes it requires mechanical removal. Mechanical removal would be where you have to physically rub the surface with a wash mitt, clay bar or a decontamination pad. The more aggressive one must be to remove overspray, the more marring/scratching will be created and need to be repaired with paint correction.

Tree sap


Tree sap, when fresh is easily cleaned off with a citrus based degreaser and sometimes just a handwash. But if left to cure, it can literally become a part of the paint. After some time, tree sap will cause clear coat fracturing. These are tiny little cracks in the clear coat. They are unsightly and very harmful to the lifespan of your paint.

Road film

road film

Road film is the buildup of grime from driving on the road. In the northern states, road film can contain salts that are used to make roads usable during the winter months. But even southern states can have nasty road film buildup. Road film can contain tar, petroleum/oil/grease, harsh brake dust, metals and any other chemical that can spill onto the road.

Road film can bond creating a hard layer that is difficult to clean and can stain surfaces. Road film can also contaminate your wash media and lead to paint damage.

What causes paint defects? Now you know…but that doesn’t help you with the damage already created. How can the damage already on your paint be addressed?

There are 2 categories of clear coat damage on modern paint. One is above surface and the other is below surface. Above surface defects would be overspray and bonded contaminates. The below surface defects would be etched paint, swirl marks, deep scratches and holograms.

Being able to identify the type of defect you have is key in addressing the defect. Above surface defects should be decontaminated and stripped away. Below surface defects will require paint correction to level the surface down, permanently repairing those defects.

Before these steps can be taken though, one needs to remove all products that could artificially enhance the paint. In the detailing world, it is common place for shops to use products primarily intended to mask defects. These products are easy and very fast to use. The problem is that when these products eventually wash out, you are still left with your defects. Thus begins a nasty cycle of masking surface defects a few times per year when that should not be necessary at all.

Removal of filler products(wax, sealants, glazes, polish residues, etc.) may even reveal more defects that were hidden. While it’s not the most favorable thing to think of. At least once you are looking at the true condition of the clear coat you can begin to create a long lasting solution to have your car looking the best it’s ever looked and get it protected!

Once paint correction has been performed, you will be back to a smooth and highly refined paint surface. It should have a better luster and color, the reflections should be sharper and it will be buttery smooth. But the clear coat is also very exposed to the elements at this stage.

After the paint correction process, you should begin looking into having the paint protection applied. There are countless options for paint protection at this step. Which ones are best for you? We will review some of these options, how they work and how they can even work together for incredible protection and luster. We will begin with the easiest and least expensive options that protect the least and proceed up towards the best of the best.

1) Spray wax

Spray waxes are common in volume detail shop. The price is commensurate with the results. They may last days to weeks depending on the conditions and product used. The protection spray waxes offer is bordering non-existent. Unless you already have another form of protection on your car, a spray wax is a waste of effort and you should pass. As a quick-to-use buffer over other protections, a spray wax can fit the bill.

2) Silica sprays

Modern silica sprays are easy to use and may last months. The protection they offer is leaps better than spray waxes. User beware though! Many of these sprays contain a high silicone content which may increase congestion of the surface leading to requiring decontamination treatments more often.

3) Carnauba waxes

Carnauba waxes can be inexpensive or may cost over $1,000 for a jar of the highest quality waxes. Carnauba waxes are an experience for car enthusiasts that enjoy doing everything on their own. While waxing is not necessarily the quickest process, it is easy. Quality waxes can provide a beautiful luster on paint. Wax also has a natural ability to minimize the appearance of below surface defects by filling them in. Protection can last a few weeks or months depending on the exposure and elements the surfaces are exposed to.

4) Synthetic polymers (sealants)

Sealants provide a nice bang for the buck to the user as they can last months and are easy to apply. They offer, as a whole, superior protection to waxes.

5) Modesta paint coatings -as rendered HERE

Modesta paint coatings are inorganic silica/glass coatings that are applied to painted surfaces, paint protection film and wheels/calipers. Surfaces protected by Modesta coatings replace the need to wax or seal the paint. They create a membrane many times thicker than waxes. Where waxes sit on paint around .1 micron in thickness, the thickest Modesta coatings create a membrane as thick as 5+ microns! Modesta is the king of longevity with an inorganic membrane that can last as long as 10 years with proper care.

Modesta paint coatings offer industry leading gloss and protection in the world of paint coating protection. These coatings are chemically resistant, protect against oxidation and acids and they offer a hydrophobic or hydrophilic surface that is easier to clean than the alternative. And because Modesta offers 9 different coatings for paint and multiple options for wheel/caliper protection(along with other coatings for other surfaces on automobiles), they will have the perfect fit for every paint.

To find a local Modesta installation facility, check out the global installer map located here:

6) Paint protection film -as rendered HERE

Paint protection film, as a stand alone product, gives the ultimate in protection for paint. No other technology offers the impact resistance and scratch protection paint protection film (AKA “PPF” & Clear Bra) offers. Paint protection film is many times thicker than all paint layers together and because it is modular in nature, when the film gets beat up to the point you no longer like the looks, a single piece can be replaced.

7) Paint protection film with a Modesta coating layered on top -as rendered HERE

For getting the best of the best, nothing tops a paint protection film wrap with a Modesta coating over it. This gives the owner impact resistance along with chemical resistance and a surface that is as easy to clean as is possible. To cap it off, the gloss and shine possible with a Modesta coating makes even the most basic looking car look insane.

I have included the rendering of the paint cut away to give you a visual on what is happening with below surface defects that require paint correction and how paint correction levels those defects. It also includes a visual for how one may go with a Modesta coating, paint protection film or a combination of paint protection film and a Modesta coating.

Hopefully, your time was well spent reading this article on surface defects, what causes them, how they can be fixed and how you can protect your paint moving forward.

My name is Jean-Claude Corcoran and I am the owner of Detailed Designs Auto Spa which is located just outside of Atlanta in Conyers, GA. If you are in the area, feel free to reach out to us if you would like to learn more about what options are available to take care of your personal automotive needs.

Thanks for reading and be sure to share if you enjoyed the article!

Ultra Violet Porsche GT3RS with our track package paint protection film wrap and 100% ceramic Ceraluxe window tint

paint protection film atlanta conyers norcross buckhead GA

When it comes to getting fine automobiles buttoned up for a life on the public roads or the race circuit for DE’s, Detailed Designs Auto Spa has the paint protection film and window tinting solutions your car deserves. We service metro-Atlanta’s fine automobiles by providing long term protection solutions.

This Ultra Violet Porsche GT3RS is a new acquisition of one of our loyal clients (You may recognize his M4 GTS we performed a track package on zipping around Atlanta Motorsports Park).  He knows that PPF is no longer an option for a modern fine automobile, it’s a necessity and so it came to us with 32 miles on the odometer. We installed our track package paint protection film coverage option and protected the interior from harmful UV radiation and heat with our 33%(metered to a legal 32% when installed) Ceraluxe ceramic window tint.

Now she looks incredible with the darker glass and is protected from the harsh realities of “life on the streets” (hah!).

Thanks for looking!

paint protection film wrap in Conyers, GA. Norcross, GA. Buckhead, GA.

paint protection film wrap in Conyers, GA. Norcross, GA. Buckhead, GA.

Ceraluxe 100% ceramic window tint Conyers, GA. Norcross, GA. Buckhead, GA.

Ceraluxe 100% ceramic window tint Conyers, GA. Norcross, GA. Buckhead, GA.

Clear Bra Installation in Conyers, GA. at Detailed Designs Auto Spa

clear bra installation conyers covington GA

Conyers, GA., is a quaint little town of only about 15,000 people. It’s an unassuming Atlanta suburb that features a slower pace of life, wooded spaces and a lot of diesel trucks. But in this small rural town resides a boutique car care company with an international rapport that is making an impact on their industry. What company are we talking about? Detailed Designs Auto Spa! Detailed Designs Auto Spa is a boutique car care and protection company that has been in business since 2007 and in Conyers, GA. since 2013. They offer world class clear bra installation (also called Paint Protection Film Installation), Modesta paint coating systems, paint correction and fine automobile detailing services.

If you have a new car and wish to put an end to rock chips, pitting and scratches, give Detailed Designs Auto Spa in Conyers, GA. a call. After experiencing your consultation with our industry experts, you will know why they draw clients from all over the southeast for their clear bra installations, Modesta paint coatings, paint correction and car detailing services. They pride ourselves in every step of every process and it shows in the fit and finish.

DDAS offers Clear Guard Nano clear bra, Suntek clear bra, Xpel clear bra, Premium Shield clear bra, 3m clear bra as well as other lesser known films. At the end of the day though, it is the hands working on your car and the company standing behind the work that will dictate how satisfied you are with your clear bra installation.

All of Detailed Designs Auto Spa’s staff are Conyers and Covington locals. Detailed Designs Auto Spa is locally licensed, insured and certified. They’ve have traveled North America to become certified in the services offered and continually train year to year to ensure they offer the absolute best of the best. One search for us online and you will see that they have an international reputation for incredible quality and one of the most amazing experiences a client can receive.

To learn more about clear bra installation services by Detailed Designs Auto Spa in Conyers , GA. (serving Covington too! *wink*), give us a call or shoot us an email but first be sure to check out our website and blog **HERE**

Detailed Designs Auto Spa is located at 2161 Old Covington Hwy SW, STE. B Conyers, GA. 30012.

Detailed Designs Auto Spa is **by appointment only**.


Clear bra installed Viper Conyers, GA. Corvette with Clear Bra installed in Conyers, GA. Modesta Paint Coating & Full body clear bra wrap in Atlanta transport of a BMW M4 GTS for a full body clear bra wrap in Atlanta Full body PPF wrap in Atlanta Atlanta Clear Bra Wrappers clear bra atlanta

Modesta Paint Coatings Clear Bra Installation in Atlanta
For the craziest gloss and shine, have a Modesta paint coating installed by in Atlanta

Clear Bra Installation Atlanta


Alabama Porsche GT4 comes to us for Modesta and a full body clear bra wrap

I am happy to share the latest project to leave my shop, Detailed Designs Auto Spa. A Porsche GT4 that we picked up from Alabama which the owner needed swirl marks addressed, paint protection film and a Modesta paint coating on the body and wheels. After transporting the GT4 from his own mechanic shop in Alabama in our enclosed car hauler, we got started on the work and this is how she came out.

After he picked this gorgeous bird up and got home he fired off an email to me with this dialog, ” I absolutely love the final result with my car!” –MISSION ACCOMPLISHED

Fueling up early in the morning to head out of state to pick up the Porsche GT4. Intech car hauler trailer

The Porsche GT4 loaded up and ready to head back home to Conyers, GA.
Porsche car transport for our clients

After performing a thorough wash and decontamination to strip existing fillers off the Porsche’s paint we saw this.
Swirl Mark Damage
The end result was paint that looked perfect, was completely wrapped with clear bra, film/paint coated with Modesta BC-04 and the wheels and calipers detailed/coated with Modesta BC-06 and then layered with Modesta BC-08 for insane luster and eased maintenance needs. With this perfect combo, the Porsche GT4 had insane gloss and reflections while being protected and easy to clean.  We think it came out “pretty alright”. PPF wrap Atlanta Modesta Paint Coating & Full body clear bra wrap in Atlanta Modesta Paint Coating wheels calipers Porsche Paint Protection Film in Atlanta Atlanta Clear Bra Wraps Modesta Paint Coating Installation in Atlanta www.detaileddesignsautospa.comDetailed Designs Auto Spa Clear Bra Wrap in Atlanta

BMW M4 GTS Visits us from Charlotte, NC. for a Full Body Clear Bra Wrap

When world famous Instagram account owner, Carnucopia, gave us a call a few months ago to learn about how to protect a new BMW M4 GTS that he was taking delivery of, we were pleased to educate him on the different forms of protection. In the end, he decided that nothing less than a full body clear bra wrap would do for his baby.

Once the M4 GTS had a scheduled delivery date we set a convenient time for us to travel to his house in Charlotte, NC. to transport his M4 GTS back to our shop on the outskirts of Atlanta to perform our full body clear bra wrap.

Part of the process involved removal of door handles, emblems, rear wing, front fender vents, front grills(kidneys as bimmer owner’s refer to them), all bumper tow hook covers, roof rails and then also properly washing, decontaminating and then performing a single stage polish as prep.

The end result was a full body clear bra wrap that left Carnucopia with a peace of mind to be able to enjoy his rare BMW on the streets and track.

Thanks for looking and if you have any questions about clear bra protection, be sure to check us out at

transport of a BMW M4 GTS for a full body clear bra wrap in Atlanta

PPF BMW Atlanta

PPF Installation in Atlanta

Full body PPF wrap in Atlanta

BMW M4 GTS after our custom full body clear bra wrap in Atlanta

Full body PPF wrap in Atlanta

BMW M4 GTS PPF full body wrap

2017 Porsche 911 Turbo S with aero package gets extensive clear bra wrap and Modesta paint coating

clear bra atlanta

Check out the latest project to leave our shop.  Another 2017 Porsche 911 Turbo S…but this time, one with an aero package. Before leaving we had performed the following services:
Transport via our enclosed car hauler from the owner’s house
Rock chip repair
Car detail inside and out (including a leather protection cream application)
An advanced track package clear bra wrap (Removed the rear quarter vents for superior protection and cosmetics, dropped the bumper to give us access to the area behind the headlights and wrapping between the bumper and fenders)
Application of Modesta BC-04

Clear bra installation Atlanta

When the owner arrived to pick it up, he looked down the side, grinned and said, “Now THIS is what it’s all about!” -All I heard in my head was MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

For details on how Detailed Designs Auto Spa can help you restore or protect your fine automobile schedule a consultation with us today.  Our website is located HERE.

Please enjoy some pictures of the finished product:

clear bra atlanta clear bra atlanta clear bra atlanta clear bra atlanta clear bra atlanta clear bra atlanta clear bra atlanta

How to protect your car from rock chips, make it easier to maintain long term and look INSANE; Clear Bra and Modesta

Modesta BC-05 Atlanta

When you’ve purchased a new car the absolute first thing on your list of items to be addressed should be protecting it from rock chips. Rock chips can occur even within the first mile after leaving the dealership. So what can be done to have your new fine automobile protected from these tiny terrors ? Installation of clear bra is enough to give you the best protection possible against rock chips but when coupled with a Modesta paint coating, you will have protection from abrasions and impacts along with a surface that is easy to wash, protected from industrial fallout, is chemically resistant and sports a gloss and luster unlike any you’ve ever seen on a car like yours.

With Modesta you are sure to have a unique luster that will have your fine automobile stand out in the crowd. Because Modesta has protection solutions for paint, wheels/calipers and leather, you can have the most sensitive surfaces and those exposed to the harshest elements protected for many years. To locate a professional Modesta installation facility in your area, reference Modesta’s official installer map HERE.

Here’s a fine example of a recent visitor to a clear bra and Modesta installation facility, Detailed Designs Auto Spa. This owner had Detailed Designs Auto Spa perform a thorough new car prep and paint correction(to address swirl marks that came on it straight from the factory), install extensive clear bra protection(everything except for the rear hatch and rear bumper were wrapped), apply Modesta BC-05 on top of the clear bra and exposed paint, apply Modesta BC-06 to the caliper and wheels, install a 100% ceramic window tint and Modesta’s truly unique 2-part Leather Protection System (LPS-01 and LPS-02) to the seats.

Modesta Paint Coatings Clear Bra Installation in Atlanta
For the craziest gloss and shine, have a Modesta paint coating installed by Detailed Designs Auto Spa in Atlanta Modesta Paint Coatings and clear bra wraps Atlanta Installation

Modesta Paint Coating Installation Atlanta
The superior gloss of Modesta BC-05 Paint Coatings Modesta Paint Correction Clear Bra PPF Atlanta
It doesn’t get better than this for a glossy paint finish in Atlanta!`
Car detailing, paint correction, clear bra wrap, ppf, paint protection, Modesta paint coatings Atlanta
Detailed Designs Auto Spa shows how to prepare a new Porsche for the mean streets of Atlanta
Modesta BC-06 wheel and caliper coatings Atlanta
With Modesta BC-06, you can be sure that your wheels and calipers will be easier to clean than ever before. Clear Bra Atlanta Modesta Paint Coatings
2017 Porsche 911 Turbo S showing off the fit and finish Detailed Designs Auto Spa is known for
PPF wrap Modesta BC-05 Paint Correction Atlanta
Crazy gloss and luster from Modesta being installed over clear bra by Detailed Designs Auto Spa.
paint correction, car detailing in Atlanta
After paint correction, a full car detail, clear bra installation and Modesta paint coating your car will look better than it ever has!

Nitro Blue Focus RS Visits Atlanta’s Choice for Clear Bra Installation and Modesta Paint Coatings

Modesta Coatings

Over 2 years ago I met a fresh client that had just purchased a new Ford Focus ST. He came to us for clear bra protection, a Modesta paint coating and a wheel coating. We ended up chatting for some time about how great the car was but how we both wished that Ford would give the US a proper Ford Focus RS.

Funny enough, when the RS was announced he knew he would get one and sure enough when he took possession of his new RS he called us up to schedule a service to have our track package clear bra wrap installed, the necessary paint correction, Modesta BC-05 installed over the paint and clear bra, Modesta BC-06 applied over the calipers and wheels and to cap it off, our 100% ceramic window tint installed on the side glass, rear hatch, windshield and sunroof for maximum heat and UV blockage.

Here she is, his new baby all buttoned up and ready for many years of enjoyment after Detailed Designs Auto Spa performed all said service.

Modesta Coatings AtlantaModesta Coatings Atlanta www.detaileddesignsautospa.comClear Bra Installation Atlanta

Fine automobile hauling service for Detailed Designs Auto Spa clients

Fine automobile hauling Atlanta

For clients with brand new cars that are having us install clear bra and a Modesta body coating, we offer a free pick up in our custom Intech car hauler. It features an escape hatch along with a removable fender which enables exiting the car through an open door….not crawling out a window as would otherwise be necessary. This allows us to safely load and transfer fine automobiles the safest way possible!

Check out this 2017 Porsche 911 Turbo S with an aero package that we recently picked up. It is getting paint correction, a track package clear bra installation, leather protection for the seats, Modesta BC-04 on the body/over the film and Modesta BC-06 on the wheels and calipers.

Whether you are picking up your Porsche from the Porsche Experience Center or you are just picking up a new car, Detailed Designs Auto Spa has a quality solution in metro-Atlanta for safely transferring your car, enhancing the aesthetics far beyond a new car finish and protecting it. Contact us to learn more about our fine automobile hauling services.

Fine automobile hauling Atlanta Fine automobile hauling Atlanta


3 Reasons why you should have clear bra installed on your new car

Clear Bra Installation in Atlanta

1. Clear bra keeps your car looking great while you own/enjoy it!

We buy cars for a few reasons. Probably the biggest is because we like how it looks and the fact it is *new* to us. Anything we can do to keeping the car looking as close to new as possible will allow you to keep loving it like it is new. Clear bra wears much better than hard clear coat does and is the pinnacle of paint protection. It stops rock chips, protects the paint from scratches and protects against vandalism**. Because it is pliable, it does not pit as severely as paint does. Many clear bras also have self-healing properties that keep them swirl mark-free, which is more than any paint can do!

clear bra cleans like paint

2. Clear bra is invisible protection that cleans up like paint!

When clear bra is installed by an expert, you can’t tell it’s on the car and clear bra is cleaned just like paint. With a quality installation, exposed edges of panels are wrapped in a way that greatly limits seams and when walking around the car, you won’t be able to tell anything is on the car at all! And clear bra is cleaned very similar to paint. It is washed and cleaned with paint-safe chemicals, wash mitts and microfiber drying towels. Clear bras with top coats are easy to clean when properly maintained.

clear bra is a great return on investment

3. Clear bra protects your car so that you can recover the most money when you sell it and it sells faster!

It is a fact that used cars that look better, sell for more and sell faster than an alternative car in poorer condition. When selling your car after years of clear bra protection, you may leave the clear bra on and sell the car that way or you may choose to remove it and have just fresh paint to entice a new potential owner. Either way, the fact clear bra was on the car carries an intrinsic value with new owners. It shows you were willing to spend the money to protect the car and the proof will be in the pudding; the car looks awesome!

Now you have a better understanding of clear bra and no doubt want it installed on your new car! What’s next? If you’re in the metro-Atlanta area, the next step is to call Detailed Designs Auto Spa! We are happy to discuss your protection needs and give you an incredible installation that your friends will never know is there! Protect your new baby as soon as possible! Each rock chip brings you one step closer to you falling out of love with your new car!

**A large enough rock thrown at a high enough velocity may penetrate the film and with enough time and effort, a vandal can cause damage to the substrate. While nothing is invincible, clear bra is as close as it gets for paint.