Take it from a few of our own clients who have had us install clear bra for them!

Jean-Claude is OCD when it comes to his work. He put a clear bra on my wife’s new car. When he found a factory piece that didn’t fit exactly right, he made a new one, because it had to be perfect. It can be hard to find businesses like this where there is such attention to detail and customer service that you could trust them with anything, and just know it will be done right. -Ed B.

JC, I want to say thank you once again, You did a phenomenal job on my Stingray. I’ve never met someone with such an attention to detail. You treated the car as if it was yours. Your the best. -Kim B.

Jean- Claude is a master of his trade! “Service- after- the- sale” is a complete understatement. He’s always available to respond to questions, knows the answers, and is truly passionate about delivering a perfect product to happy customers. I highly recommend his services!! -Katy D

I don’t come across very many business that I think hit it out of the park on customer service, attention to detail, or delivery of what is promised. Jean-Claude and his business, Detailed Designs, is one of those companies that delivers on all the things that are critical for getting great repeat business, and referrals from satisfied customers. I am the owner of Glass Tiger Tinting in Lilburn, and I send customers that ask about what he does to him without hesitation. I have seen the work he does, and it is hands down the gold standard for Paint Protection Film and complete detail of your car  or truck. Give him a call, he will make you a believer… -Steve F.

I was completely blown away with Jean Claude and Detailed Designs Auto Spa. Not only by the finished product, but by the entire process. Before any commitment on my part for any work, JC spent 30-45 mins going over the entire car with me and explaining what he saw. He answered all of questions and really, I feel, gave me a thorough education on all of my options, the pros and cons of each, without being biased in any way. I appreciated this as much as I did the actual work.  JC did a detail and a full car clear bra installation for my exotic and the results were just amazing. The car look good before, but looked spectacular afterwards. I checked out some others in the Atlanta area and I didn’t think anyone could hold a candle to the passion and perfection that JC puts into his work.  If you are looking for the best for your vehicle, call JC and you’ll be covered. -Raja G.

I had heard John Claude was the best in the business from all of the places I had asked around. When I contacted him he was busy wrapping a 918 out west. Anyone flown around the country to wrap cars has to be doing something right. I dropped off my car to discover what people meant by OCD. JC is more than detailed. He’s a near perfectionist. I was so impressed I dragged a family member’s Tesla and they got equally as excellent results. Though a bit expensive, it was well worth it. JC goes out of his way to communicate at every point of the process, which was very refreshing after some of my experiences. I ended up doing a front-wrap with a polymer wax coating to protect the rest, as this was more budget conscious than a full wrap and Modesto coating. My ’15 M3 never looked better. I even had some unfortunate luck when I first brought it home and scraped the curb by accident. JC let me come back within a few days and fixed me up and reinforced it within two hours. Very impressed with the result, but even more impressed with JC and his team. Really stand up guys that genuinely care about their customers and their vehicles equally. I would refer anyone there whether for a wrap, a coating, or detail work. He even went out of his way to fix blemishes inside my car, and wrapped a part for me that didn’t end up fitting. When we ran into a stumbling block, he called me right away to see how to proceed, even though he was busy halfway across the country. Absolutely recommend any service you can get through DDAS. I will say they took their time–nearly 2 weeks–wrapping my car, but I would hope that a detail place spares no expense in time or cost to get it right. Very pleased, and will definitely return for more work soon! -Jordan R.

I purchased a BMW M4 last month, and the first thing I did was take it to Jean-Claude to evaluate the best options for paint protection and coating.  Jean-Claude spent a considerable amount of time explaining the various options to me.  I felt I was able to make a very educated decision in choosing the parts of the car to apply paint protection film to and in choosing cQuartz for the body and Modesta for the wheels.  The results are simply stunning.  I could not be happier with the perfection with which the paint protection film was applied. In addition, when I picked up the car Jean-Claude spent over an hour going over the results of his work with me, helping me choose products to maintain his excellent work, and making recommendations on proper care procedures. I highly recommend that anyone considering paint correction, paint protection film, paint coating, or similar work, pay a visit to Jean-Claude at Detailed Designs Auto Spa.  You will be a much more educated consumer and will surely be happy with the results. -Ted T.

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